“Somewhere Down South”

    Finding answers to my childhood question, “Where did our family come from?” has been a lifetime quest for me. The older members of both branches my father’s family seemed unable to tell me much. There are many possible reasons why the stories that together form our ‘family history’ had either not been passed down, or were not shared in turn. Within this website I have drawn upon my own research, and the research and generous contributions of many others, in an attempt to create an accessible source of ‘stories of my family’. This collection is primarily intended as a gift to all my family members, present and future, however I hope that many others will also enjoy some of the content.

    I have designed the site to be a ‘scrapbook’ of materials that are grouped into 4 slightly overlapping topics. There are collections of short stories, images, and information, related to the lives of my paternal grandparents: Alexander (‘Sonny’) Frazer and Bernadine Monica Grant, and to their ancestors. There is a small section on the Ships that their ancestors emigrated to Australia on, and also a section that contains the story of My Research Journey. I have created each page to ’stand alone’ so that a reader can randomly ‘dip in’, however the sequence of the pages within each section is roughly chronological. Starting with the Dedication and Preface and then the section My Research Journey may provide a helpful overview to the content of this site.

    I’d like this ‘project’ to provide encouragement for, and assistance with, further research on any of my paternal ancestors. In particular it is important to me to ensure the preservation of the information I have collated on my 4th great-grandparents Thomas Peters and Mary Ann Peters (nee Hews) who were Hobart first settlers. A sub-section, Research Part B., which follows immediately after the story of ‘My Research Journey’, contains my research findings on them.

“The Frazers came up to Queensland from somewhere down south. 

They came in wagons and bullock drays. The trip took a couple of years. They settled around the Charleville area.”

1831      Alexander Fraser married Margaret McBean

1838     William Marks married Ann Lamb

1857       James Stewart married Honora Doody

1861      Alexander (Jnr) Frazer married Martha Marks

1892      Alexander Frazer married Agnes Stewart

1921      Alexander (‘Sonny’) Frazer married Bernadine Grant

1954      Thomas Frazer married Kathleen Stephenson

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1800     Thomas Peters married Mary Ann Hews

1832     William Holt married Mary Ann Peters

1834     Patrick Gorman married Elizabeth Saunders

1855     Patrick Doyle married Maria Hand

1861      Frederick Holt assumed the name Frederick Grant when he married Ellen Gorman 

1897     Thomas Grant  married Margaret Doyle

1921     Alexander (‘Sonny’) Frazer married Bernadine Grant

1954     Thomas Frazer married Kathleen Stephenson

Bernadine Monica Frazer (nee Grant)

We don’t know anything much about the Grants, they were your Grandma Frazer’s family.

Her father worked around Wyandra and Cunnamulla. I think her mother had some relatives near Ipswich and Gatton.”

“Where did they all come from before then? I don’t know! They probably left Scotland or Ireland because of the famines.

 They would have come out to Australia on one of those old sailing ships.

Thomas & Mary Ann (nee Hews) Peters           

William Marks                                        

William Holt                                        

Ann Lamb

Patrick & Elizabeth (nee Saunders) Gorman

Alexander & Margaret (nee McBean) Fraser        

James Stewart   

Honora Doody

Patrick & Maria (nee Hand) Doyle

1803   Calcutta   &  1804 Ocean 

1825   Asia III (3rd convict voyage)

1832   Royal Admiral 

1833   Layton 

1834   Medora (Most likely, but unable to verify)

1838   St George 

abt. 1854 on unknown ship

abt. 1854 on unknown ship  

1865   Hannah More










Please feel free to contact me with questions, or additional information.   Jane Frazer Cosgrove.  2018